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Our professional services include the following:

Stump Grinding

Why remove a stump from your property?

Tree stumps can become a major nuisance for lawn maintenance. Whether it’s having difficulty mowing around this protruding area, or if you are having trouble growing plants or grass near the area of the stump. Get this nuisance dealt with, so you can once again take pride in the overall aesthetics of your property, and lawn. Our stump removal service will take the stump and roots out completely, bringing the soil back to grade. 

Line Clearing

We are able to perform tree removal and tree pruning around high voltage lines, as well as communication lines. With our 75 and 65 foot boom, we are able to do this in a safe manner, as all trucks are dielectrically certified and operated by a certified arborist. Too often do trees have the tendency to weigh on and interfere with these lines, we have the ability to eliminate this issue.

Plant Health Care

We have certified and consulting services to inform the customer on any procedures that may need to be completed, in order to reach full plant/tree health. We have the tools to help minimize, control, or eliminate any problems affecting your plants and trees. We do this through the use of biological insecticides, horticultural oils, micro-injections, and organic fertilizer where the application is needed. We accomplish all of this, while working in a safe environment for everyone.

Tree Removal & pruning

We offer tree assessments to all customers, informing you on the most practical decisions to meet your tree care needs. Whether you are removing a tree for aesthetic reasons, or the tree may pose a threat to you and your property, we have the tools to complete any task. Our tree removal services are done with low impact rigging, preserving the integrity of your property and valuable assets. With tree removal, comes technical and high risk operations. We have the trained staff to accomplish these tasks in the safest manner. Safety being our number one priority. It is vital to use a team of educated professionals, and at Great Lakes Tree Experts we offer the highest trained arborists in the industry. Our staff contain ISA Certified, & Ontario Certified Arborists. 

We prune for aesthetics, as well as maintaining the structural integrity and health of your trees. From crown thinning, to the removal of dead/dangerous branches, we are there to aid in the elimination of possible threats. We also take pride in our capabilities in the maintenance of tree vitality. With proper pruning techniques, we are able to form healthy trees, as well as conserving your beautiful property assets, that being trees and shrubs. Don’t neglect these beautiful specimens!

Lot Clearing

Another service to add to our arsenal is lot clearing for new developments all over Grey & Bruce County. Our services will be done in a comprehensive and time efficient manner, to allow builders and landscapers to begin or continue with their work. New construction projects can count on the Great Lakes Tree Experts to leave the site in a clean and uniform manner, while reaching job specifications.

24/7 Emergency Service

Not all hazards are obvious to the human eye. Many tree defects are internal and cannot be seen, this poses a threat to targets. This is especially true in the case of severe weather. With imperfect tendencies and the poor structural integrity of trees, severe weather can cause catastrophic damage to property, targets and may pose a threat to your well being. Severe winds, ice loading, large amounts of snow, and heavy rainfall all take its toll on trees. With the failure of branches and entire trees, we offer our 24/7 emergency service. We are on call 24/7 and are able to come assess the situation and have the issue resolved in a safe manner.

Emerald Ash Borer

Inspection & Prevention

The Emerald Ash Borer has become a devastating problem in the tree care industry, and is posing a real threat to our ash trees and the ecosystem. The bug continues to destroy our ash trees, leaving them defenceless and creating further problems. The most important steps we can take, is to hire an educated professional who can identify signs and symptoms related to this infestation. We at Great Lakes Tree Experts offer this service.

Signs & Symptoms of EAB include:

  • Sudden large dead branches
  • Brown/Yellowing of leaves
  • Dieback of the top of the tree
  • Bark separation from the wood of the tree
  • Borer holes in the shape of a D 3.5-4.5mm wide
  • Major leaf damage
  • Water sprouts/suckers
  • Feeding galleries underneath the bark

Custom Milling/Live Edge

Great Lakes Tree Experts with great pride now offers a full saw milling service. Something that would normally go for waste. Going to the landfill, processed into woodchips, or being used as firewood at best. We are now making a SOLID & USEABLE product out of it. It is something we have removed from the earth, so we believe we should be able to continue to use this once beautiful tree. 

We will be offering structural lumber production, live edge slabs, floating mantle beams, coffee tables, dining tables, charcuterie boards, and any other custom milling. 

We are very excited to manufacture and produce woody products. Email us with any wood working/sawmill inquiries!

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